Selves in a Box by J. Tamar StonePusher Card


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Here is a sample of one of the 52 Selves that you'll meet when you take your Selves out the box!

Self Portrait

Your Pusher is the engine behind all your doing. Extraordinarily energetic and capable, it has a never-ending list of things to do, places to go, people to see. Your Pusher is supported in the culture by the speed of computers, cell phones, and electronic organizers. A results-oriented multitasker, it accomplishes all that it can in the least amount of time.

Spectrum Description

All Selves fall somewhere on the spectrum between primary and disowned. When a Self falls on the primary side of the spectrum, it tends to be more familiar, more dominant, and a driving force in our life. Friends and family members may even describe us as that Self ("She's such a Pusher"). When a Self falls on the disowned side of the spectrum, it tends to be more hidden, less accessible, or even untapped. People who push our buttons likely embody one of our disowned Selves.

    If your Pusher is primary, you may:
  • have difficulty turning off the on-switch.
  • feel overly driven, leaving you mentally and/or physically exhausted.
  • judge others as passive, lazy, or complacent.

    If your Pusher is disowned, you may:
  • experience a lack of energy, motivation, or productivity.
  • feel resistent or indifferent to getting things done.
  • judge others as too driven, too busy, or too frenetic.