Selves in a Box by J. Tamar Stone


"An interview with Selves in a Box Creator J. Tamar Stone."

"My two prayers in the creation of this card deck is that #1 the images would be evocative, would be inspiring and add another level of invitation. And the second prayer was that they would be connected to spirit, divinity, God, call it what you will, so that actually when people would use them that they would feel that this is being guided by something bigger than ourselves. And the feedback I’m getting – even from people who don’t know anything about Voice Dialogue – is that people are having these experiences. It’s really a dream come true."


"Selves in a Box was listed and reviewed on Aeclectic Tarot!"

"We see Selves in a Box as an entirely new concept in cards. It's a simple, practical, and - at the same time - a soul-infused approach to working with the many selves that make up the human psyche. The Selves in a Box card deck opens a doorway to the "Magic Theater" of these selves. As you go through that door and look around, you will see that you are more than you think you are. You will see an abundance of possibilities as you are introduced to the many selves that can be available to each one of us in our lifetime."

– Hal and Sidra Stone


"Wow, cannot believe what I am learning and seeing and the understanding seems to help so much and then I can be more intentional, more accepting and content with who I am and where I am and where I am heading. Very powerful and potent. Cannot imagine the impact this will have, well I probably can. Many thanks."
–Liz Gow, New Zealand


"Got my cards mid last week and they are magical. The cards are beautiful, so colorful, creative imagery and insightful. The addition of the guidebook is so very valuable. Though I have only started to explore them, I am finding them very useful. In fact my husband and I have done a couple of spreads and it has inspired some amazing conversations about opportunities we both have coming into our lives."
-Kellie Berry, Colorado


"OMG, I love my Selves in a Box. I just drew another card and got the Follower (who me, couldn't be). The cards are very interesting. The longer I look, the more images I see."
-Dona Diftler, Tennessee