Selves in a Box by J. Tamar Stone

The Creator

J. Tamar StoneAbout J. Tamar Stone

J. Tamar Stone’s Selves in a Box was inspired by the revolutionary work of her father and stepmother, Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone. Over the past 30 years, their methodology, known as Voice Dialogue, has profoundly influenced the lives of countless individuals and professionals around the globe. Selves in a Box opens up this potent body of work to everyone.

As a Voice Dialogue facilitator, trainer, and psychotherapist, Tamar is honored to present this card deck—a ten-year labor of love—as an embodiment of these teachings. Having facilitated draws and spreads with individuals of all ages, couples, and groups, she is continually awed by its power and ability to illuminate and inform the user’s inquiry.

To learn more about Tamar, visit her home website: Voice Dialogue Connection.

The Artist

Maddy HopkinsAbout Maddy Hopkins

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado Madeleine (Maddy) Hopkins now calls Loveland, Colorado her home. As an independent designer, Maddy has brought forth innovative ways to showcase what her clients wish to convey. Working with J. Tamar Stone on Selves in a Box was truly a highlight of Maddy's career. This project allowed her to delve deep into her own self to portray the imagery Tamar envisioned for the cards.


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